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Welcome to the Webmail Tutorial. StratoNet's new innovative webmail system gives you many robust features the previous system simply could not offer. We understand the change was sudden, so we created this tutorial to help you learn how to use the new system quickly and easily.

You now have much more power over your email than ever before. Like the previous system, it has the standard tools for working with messages, folders, and contacts. But the addition of Filters gives you more power over organizing your email. Along with our own Spam filter, the new Whitelist and Blacklist help you in the fight against spam and abusive email. You'll also find the Vacation and Forward filters quite useful for when you're away from your computer, or when you have multiple email addresses.

The new webmail also offers you new tools for day-to-day activities. The Calendar and Tasks help you keep track of important events and appointments, and the Notes are useful for jotting down important thoughts that you can access later, simply by signing into the webmail.

This guide will introduce you to all of the new features that are available to you. Use the menu to the left to navigate through the tutorial.

Quick Links

If you're just looking for some quick basic help on how to work with the new mail system, use the following links:

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