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Governor Scott ...

Will Gov Rick Scott be a friend of the people or a big business supporter?  A SHORT time will tell.........

Posted by: Frogman 2/06/11 at 6:55PM
Maybe voting does work!

It appears that things may have changed with the election of Rick Scott as Governor... time will tell.

Posted by: shorty 2/03/11 at 12:56PM
Maybe Voting Does Not Work

Perhaps our system of selecting leaders through a voting system does not work.  Each party only grooms and supports individuals who will not ROCK THE BOAT once elected.  By the time we vote in the primaries our choices have already been limited.  The system was designed to protect itself and so it does not work on behalf of the people. 

Posted by: Frogman 2/03/11 at 10:59AM
China and the US economy

We can thank the unions in part for the jobs going away. they priced themselves out of a job. Americans ARE NOT going to pay higher prices just so the unions can thrive again. Also the corporate tax rate here is one of the highest in the WHOLE WORLD. Some countries have found it better not to have a corporate tax or a very low tax and look at their economies. No, our tax and spend government is going to make us a third world country if they aren't stopped. We have IDIOTS for leaders and WE are the ones who voted them in.

Posted by: Jeffforprez 1/24/11 at 10:17PM
China Controls the US Economy

It appears China has little to no intention of allowing the US to adjust trade practices.  Adjustments are needed by the US to offset China's cheap goods vs American made products.


Our Congress is not willing to do what is necessary to save our Economy and Jobs here in America.


Things are bound to get worse.

Posted by: Frogman 1/24/11 at 4:32PM
Love They neighbor Part 3

I stand corrected again. Jesus DOES SAY to love the sinner and NOT the sin. We are ALL born into sin but for the Blood of CHRIST JESUS our sins are washed away. I WILL ALWAYS love the sinner and welcome them into my home and life, I,however, WILL NOT allow their sin into my home or life. JESUS says "Love thy neighbor as thy self", He doesn't say love thy neighbors sin. There is a big difference to loveing the sinner and not the sin. I thank you JESUS that you love me in spite of my sins and that you have forgiven me of ALL OF MY SINS.


Posted by: Jeffforprez 10/28/10 at 2:59AM
Love thy neighbor

I stand corrected. Thank you frogman. We should ALWAYS LOVE THE SINNER. We are to pray for our enemy's and those that would hurt or kill us. We are to love the person and not the lifestyle. To accept the lifestyle is to accept sin. I love my family regardless of their lifestyle. I pray for them, however I would not allow drugs or alcahol or homosexuality in my home. My homosexual relatives are welcome but their lifestyle stays outside. DO NOT ALLOW SIN IN THE CAMP.

Posted by: Jeffforprez 10/26/10 at 9:31PM
Love thy Neigbor

Love the sinner, not the sin. This is a quote from Mahatma Ghandi, not Jesus Christ.  In the Bible there is no separation ever between the sinner and the sin. Jesus commands; "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."


Mark chapter 12 verse 30 - 31.

Posted by: Frogman 10/26/10 at 3:41PM
Bullying and homosexuality

I just saw on the news where Facebook setup a site to remember the homosexuals that died and it was immediately inundated with bullying messages. I also have seen statements saying that homosexuality isn't a mental illness or a choice, well I agree with the first one that it IS NOT a mental illness. It, however, is a choice. The ones who say that they are born that way are just trying not to take responsibility for their own actions. Just like drinkers and smokers and drug users, at one time they all were drug, alcahol, and tabacco free. It starts with giving into desires or pressure. The government would have us to believe that homosexuality is normal, however IT IS NOT NORMAL. GOD did not intend for men to be with men and women to be with women. As for the bullying, we need to accept the homosexuals for the brothers and sisters that they are. That DOES NOT MEAN that we condone or approve of that type of life style. JESUS says LOVE THE SINNER, NOT THE SIN. No one should loose their life do to a life style or a belief and yet there are those who would kill over either one. Just remember to pray for those you love and are lost, Pray for their salvation and deliverance. BLESSINGS IN JESUS NAME

Posted by: Jeffforprez 10/16/10 at 4:38AM

With the powers that be in office I see that we are about to be controlled by other countrys. It is so shameful when our own president go overseas to try  and discredit a state for trying to control the illegal population.He is saving something big for the fall elections to help out the liberals in washington and the worst part is that it almost always works. He didn't steal the presidency he bought it. I know Jimmy Carter is soooooo happy because now he is only the SECOND WORST PRESIDENT as BO has taken the worst president award away from him. We must take our country back by puting in those that believe in less government and less taxes. I don't care what party they are affiliated with as long as they believe in power of the people by the people and for the people. Government should be run by the people not the other way around. BE SURE TO VOTE IN NOVEMBER.

Posted by: Jeffforprez 9/04/10 at 11:06PM
TEA Partiers

The TEA partiers need to find common ground again which is the government taking over everything and piling on the debt by doing so. Now they want to give amnesty to the illegals. They need to watch the U TUBE video "To White to be in America". It shows the latinos for the racisist some of them are. They call themselves the brown berrets. The TEA Partiers have been called all kinds of names and yet you hear nothing about these people or the intimidation by the black panthers during the last presidential election. They didn't  show up for court so the charges were dropped against them. If it was a white group it would have made front page news. This IS THE MOST CROOKED AND THE WORST PRESIDENT WE HAVE EVER HAD. LETS GET IT TOGETHER TEA PARTIERS. AMERICA DEPENDS ON US.

Posted by: Jeffforprez 7/20/10 at 3:58PM
Is the Tea Party dead

It appears that the Tea Party is splitting into multiple groups. The founders and the new members don't seem to agree to some issues.

Posted by: Frogman 7/20/10 at 3:31PM
NEW Energy Sources
More oil reserves in the US is great news. However, we need to move away from oil quickly because of the pollution factor. The devastation of the oil spill in the Gulf should move us to action in NEW directions.
Posted by: Frogman 4/30/10 at 12:20PM
Oil Reserves and Land
OUR OIL RESERVES Now here is something that might make you think about our reliance on foriegn oil and drilling offshore.The U. S. Geological Service issued a report in April 2008 that only scientists and oil men knew was coming, but man was it big. It was a revised report hadn't been updated since 1995 on how much oil was in this area of the western 2/3 of North Dakota, western South Da kota, and extreme eastern Montana The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, and has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign oil. The Energy Information Administration EIA estimates it at 503 billion barrels. Even if just 10 of the oil is recoverable... at 107 a barrel, we're looking at a resource base worth more than 5..3 trillion"This sizable find is now the highestproducing onshore oil field found in the past 56 years," reports The Pittsburgh Post Gazette. It's a formation known as the Williston Basin, but is more commonly ref
Posted by: Jeffforprez 4/28/10 at 6:53PM
Nuclear Weapons Reduction
This was a dream of President Regean to eliminate all Nuclear Weapons from the earth. I wonder if this effort will now gain traction around the world.
Posted by: Frogman 4/19/10 at 3:48PM
Democrats and sharecroppers
Has anyone noticed how the democrats are acting a lot like the old sharecroppers? They provides you with food,shelter,money, and now healthcare. These are know as foodstamps, public housing/rentcontrol, welfare checks and now healthcare for all that our grandchildren will be paying for the rest of their lives. It is all about control.
Posted by: Jeffforprez 4/12/10 at 1:04PM
Turner AgriCenter
Post scheduleofevents for the Turner Agricenter in Arcadia.
Posted by: George 4/01/10 at 2:24PM
Any Ideas to Save our Country
It is obvious that Congress will not act outside their own interest and lobbyist. So now it is up to the people to find a solution, if possible. Any ideas?
Posted by: Frogman 2/26/10 at 12:14PM
Watching the news this morning I saw a story about RobinHood702, an expert Blackjack player that is using his skills to help familys get out of debt. He has challenged others that are financially set to join his quest of helping Americans out of debt. WOW!!! What a storyif we had more people like him in the America, what a country we would be! He is doing what our government should have done with the billions of dollars they gave away to the big companies. Think about this, if our government would of taken all that money and paid of the Americans peoples debt, the lenders would have had there money, because the people paid off the loans. Car companies would be selling cars, because the Americans now with debt paid off could be buying new cars, homes, and the list goes on and on. I only hope that the familys that Robin Hood and his band of merry men help stay on the right track.
Posted by: ccbloom 2/23/10 at 10:10AM
IRS Building Austin Texas
A plane was flown into the IRS building in Texas.
Posted by: Frogman 2/19/10 at 12:07PM
Scott Brown
What do you think of Browns victioy in Massachusetts? The bluest of all states where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3.5 to 1 votes a Republican into Ted Kennedys seat. Is this just a one time happening or a trend?
Posted by: Domer 1/20/10 at 10:59AM
Walmart's Brand
I patronize all local grocery stores, but do not like to have to go from store to store to get certain products. I like "brand" names is some grocery items, but if I am in Walmart, it seems they have discontinued some of them and only have their Great Value brand, therefore I have to go elsewhere. As for a Sam's coming to Sebring, I think it is going to benefit more people than we think. Sebring/AvonPark draws from a large area and the need for bulk items for large organizations is a big item. Sam's is not really that cost saving for and individual, but great for Service organizations, clubs, etc.
Posted by: gatewood 1/12/10 at 4:29PM
Return to the CCC program by paying all those drawing unemployment to work! instant drop in unemployment and many public projects could be accomplished. Those who choose not to work, drop from rolls. Zero additional costs to govt! Probably even a reduction in spending as many drawing unemployment will probably refuse to work and can be dropped from the rolls.
Posted by: pigeon 12/06/09 at 7:49AM
Walmart tire center problems
A few days ago I went and had my tires rotated and balanced on my pickup. The young man the checked me in said that there was no record of me purchasing the tires from wallyworld but he would go ahead and do it because I had the paperwork from my last rotate and balanceabout 2 years ago. When I went to pick up my truck I was told that I would have to find the original receipt or I would be SOL as they would not do it again. I bought these tires at the lakewales store about 4 years ago and I am wondering if the delete a vehicle if it has not been used or brought in in a while. My car also showed that I only bought 1 balance and rotation when I already have had 4 and when I buy their tires I always get the road hazard warrenty and the lifetime balance and rotation. Anyone else have these problems, if so please post so we might all see if there is a pattern
Posted by: Jeffforprez 11/30/09 at 11:16AM
Blessings from my family to yours on this great holliday. We have sooo much to be thankful for. Thank you JESUS for freedom. May you have a great Thanksgiving. JEFFFORPREZ
Posted by: Jeffforprez 11/25/09 at 9:27AM
Walmart or ChinaMart
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Why are there 2 Walmarts so close together anyway? Probably just to close out competition from local business.
Posted by: Frogman 11/19/09 at 3:25PM
Walmart prices differ
I went to the Sebring Walmart to purchase a product costing 20. I wanted a white and a black one. They only had the black and the sales clerk in the department said they may have the white at the Avon Park store. Since I am from Lake Placid, I decided to drive the additional 8 miles while I was almost there anyway. The Avon Park store did indeed have the white one, but their price was !0 percent higher. When I asked why, their answer was they are in a different district. Two stores 8 miles apart in the same county, I don't believe that. Any way, I did not buy their higher price item. If I lived in Avonpark and going to spend more than 30 I would drive to Sebring and shop at that Walmart. Just another way to gouge.
Posted by: indyeagle101 11/18/09 at 4:36PM
Ban on GUNS
Are assault rifles legal to purchase and own?
Posted by: Frogman 11/03/09 at 12:49PM
Well we can thank B.O. for the rising gas prices as the news claims that it is from a weakened dollar and that the dollar became weak because so much has been printed and our gov't. is under such enormus debt. I guess that another trillion or two can't hurt fur healthcare for illegal alliens. They might as well as he already gave the homosexuals in gov't jobs benifits for their homo partners. I guess he hasn't realized that HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION AND GOES AGAINST NATURE ITSELF. There is NOTHING normal about homosexual lifestyles.
Posted by: Jeffforprez 10/27/09 at 9:38PM
The Second Great Depression
We may need to start thinking about the growing possibility that the economy is not going to correct itself for decades. The county may very well start looking at the local tax structure, available food supplies and fuel supplies. This thing may be worse than the 1930s.
Posted by: DCloud 10/04/09 at 11:04AM
Global Warming
Does anyone notice how we went from global warming to climate change? I guess having cooler than usual summers up north must make it hard to shout about warming so to keep up the hype so they can raise our taxes with the stupid cap , trade they decided to start calling it climate change. DUH. The climate is always changing but what the hey this would be a cash cow for the liberals and mean devastation to us poor folks. these credits that they talk about dont help a family of 2 that only gets 12 Gs a year. At least if they do pass it and universal healthcare we can start to call our selves the US of Foriegners cause they WILL come for the free health care, I know I would if I lived in a foriegn country with sorry healthcare. And to top it off those elected wont have to worry about paying for it as by the time the bill is due they will be out of office and leave it to the next generation to pay for. They are only worried about power and getting reelected, thats it.
Posted by: Jeffforprez 9/30/09 at 6:08PM
Socialist Programs must be Destroyed
If we are to be a true capitalistic society we must remove all socialistic programs and services such as Medicare, Medicade, Social security, Public Schools, 911 services, Police, Fire, Medical, State Parks, State Roads, Roads should be owned and maintained by private companies, Minium wages, Hospital emergency room requirements to treat you, There may be a few I''ve missed but they all should go so that we can be a true Capitalistic Society.
Posted by: humanfly1 9/11/09 at 1:11PM
Care for ALL
Does that include illegal aliens??? According to the 1000 plus pages of the bill in congress it does, but according to obama it doesn''t. Look at California and Mass. they have very liberal social programs and Mass. even has socialized medicine and now both are hurting real bad and not just due to the economy. Mass. started having to scale back ie cut benefits before the ecomony tanked. If obama wants to change healthcare he should show us the savings first to prove that it can be done. And to save even more he could start shipping all of the illegal aliens back to where they came from.
Posted by: Jeffforprez 8/28/09 at 10:09AM
Medical Care for ALL
Here is the ranking for Health Care: 1 France 2 Italy 3 San Marino 4 Andorra 5 Malta 6 Singapore 7 Spain 8 Oman 9 Austria 10 Japan 11 Norway 12 Portugal 13 Monaco 14 Greece 15 Iceland 16 Luxembourg 17 Netherlands 18 United Kingdom 19 Ireland 20 Switzerland 21 Belgium 22 Colombia 23 Sweden 24 Cyprus 25 Germany 26 Saudi Arabia 27 United Arab Emirates 28 Israel 29 Morocco 30 Canada 31 Finland 32 Australia 33 Chile 34 Denmark 35 Dominica 36 Costa Rica 37 United States of America
Posted by: Indian 8/20/09 at 10:36AM
Government Medical Care?
Right now about 260 million Americans have medical coverage and 48 million do not. Is everyone ready to have the government control medical coverage for all of us so that the 15 percent not covered will be included? Certainly there must be a better way than the President and Congress is debating.
Posted by: shorty 7/31/09 at 12:31PM
Gov Samford''s affairs could be somewhat of a private matter is he did not claim to be a FAMILY VALUES person and condem other for the very thing he has been doing. How are we to believe in what he says about anything including how he will represent us, if he lies to wife, his God, his staff and us. If a party claims to be the "Family Values" party then they must live it.
Posted by: Indian 7/02/09 at 2:10PM
More affairs for Gov Sanford
What''s this about Republican Gov Sanford having even more affairs?
Posted by: Indian 7/01/09 at 2:46PM
Republican Governor Sanford''s affair
Another republican politician has failed us.
Posted by: Indian 6/26/09 at 11:01AM
Michael Jackson Dies
Will there every be another super star?
Posted by: Frogman 6/26/09 at 10:58AM
Illegal Music Downloads
I just read a story where a woman got fined 1.9 Million Dollars for illegally downloading music on the Internet. What is the world coming to. This woman downloaded 24 Songs and got charged over 80,000 dollars a song. Hello, you can download them for .99 cents on itunes and other music networks. Why would any judge or jury allow a fine like this. Charge the woman 24 bucks and move on. Geez. And that''s all I have to say about that.
Posted by: humanfly1 6/18/09 at 8:19PM
Supreme Court
Time for another woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court.
Posted by: Frogman 5/27/09 at 1:47PM
Cuba restrictions lifted
Time to open full relations with Cuba. Why after 50 yrs are we continuing a flawed policy. If there are good reasons not to do this, then we should be told what they are.
Posted by: Indian 5/11/09 at 11:45AM
Good Job Obama
So far so good.
Posted by: Frogman 5/02/09 at 5:39PM
Moral Compass
President Obama recently said that because CIA personnel used non life threatening interrogation techniques, and actually prevented additional attacks on America, that "we" have lost our moral compass. This from a politician who supports abortion, even when the baby is born alive who''s wife states publicly that "America is a downright mean country" who trashes America at every turn who wants to make friendly with the World''s most vicious dictators who, for 20 years, sat in the church of a radial spewing hatred for America who associated himself with admitted domestic terrorists, openly wishing they had done more to bring America down who claims to oppose same sex marriage, but will not take a leadership stance and who promised open, honest government, but refuses access to his birth records and lies about almost every time he speaks. Yes, America has lost its moral compass, more so in the last three months than in any comparable period in our history.
Posted by: Levi 4/22/09 at 9:20AM
Miss California and Gay Marriage
I was very concerned when I read about Ms. Prejean''s views of marriage being rejected as unacceptable. Everyone should have heir own opinion and hers is one I agree with fully. Marriage should be between a man and a woman. We try to teach our daughter that the mainstream media would have you believe that a gay or lesbian lifestyle is glamorous and wonderful. However, they are not very quick to show the flipside of disease or ostracism by family and friends. If certain persons want to live that way, I can''t do anything about it. But don''t let that lifestyle be pushed upon me or my family. It is just a shame that her response is being splashed all over the Internet as just the ramblings of "some stupid blonde".
Posted by: ralph 4/21/09 at 9:31AM
Lake Jackson Sebring FL
Looks like Lake Jackson is dryingup! Also, what happened to all the turtles and fish that used be in the lake. It appears that the waste water being dumped into Lake Jackson from HWY 27 and the surronding roads is KILLING the lake. Nobody seems to care about the right things anymore.
Posted by: Indian 4/18/09 at 7:01PM
consistent Highland County politics
Highlands County, including the three towns, Sun and Lakes of Sebring, and Spring Lakes have something in common. The only consistent things I see is that they are consistently inconsistent. What a shame and waste of valuable resources.
Posted by: indyeagle101 4/16/09 at 5:01PM
Captain Freed
I was pleased to learn that the Captain of the U.S. vessel hijacked last week was freed when Navy Seal sharpshooters took out his captors. I understand this was done under orders from President Obama. I have wondered about his commitment to defending our Nation. I give him accolades for this decision.
Posted by: Levi 4/13/09 at 9:38AM
Is no new news, good news?
Nothing new in 8 days, is that good or bad?
Posted by: indyeagle101 4/11/09 at 9:19PM
NOT Anthrax
Thank goodness the white powder spread around Florida Hospital and Sun N Lake was not anthrax. If this was intended to be an April fools joke, only the perps are FOOLS and I hope they are caught soon and given the harshest penalty available under the law. Reports stated punishment could be 15 years imprisonment for each envelope. 1140 years would be just about right.
Posted by: Levi 4/03/09 at 9:52AM
Socialist States of America
A recent cover of a prominent magazine proclaimed WE ARE ALL SOCIALISTS NOW. We as a nation seem to be heading down that path, although I disagree that we are there now, and I disagree that we are ALL socialists. While our nation does have several socialist programs at work, we remain basically a nation of free enterprise, the system which made our country the most prosperous country in the world. As I look at other countries, none of which I would prefer to live in, I wonder if there is not more to lose than to gain in embracing the socialist agenda.
Posted by: Levi 3/31/09 at 12:18PM
Highlands County Schools
With all the articles and letters in the local papers lately about the Highlands County School Board wanting to cut 30 teachers next year to save money, I am left with a question! Are they talking about teachers that are in the classrooms teaching our children how to pass the FCAT? I do not know if any one has looked at the local school web pages and the list of staff members, but I have. Do you know that some of the schools have multiple VicePrinciples? Why? They have Dean of StudentsWhat do they do? What about the schools serving breakfast and lunches in the summer? Local daycares can get free lunches from the schools in the summer. What covers the cost of this? And the list goes on My personal opinion is that board members need to look at trimming some of this fat, before cutting the people teaching our kids!
Posted by: JoJo 3/25/09 at 3:39PM
What''s DOWN in Avon Park?
Apparently the city can''t pay its bills. Funny how some towns keep charges and tax rates low until they fall of the cliff and have to make huge increases to keep from hitting the bottom. Cities that do not keep up with their debt can be taken over by the State and can lose their Charter. I hope this does not happen to AP, but looks like the residents will have to pony up pretty hard to avoid it. AP isn''t the first or only Central Florida town to face such a crisis. Maybe the City could talk to some of its neighbors who have been there, done that to help figure all of this out.
Posted by: Levi 3/25/09 at 12:29PM
Legalization of Prohibited Industries
It seems to me in today''s wars against drugs, prostitution, and gambling that prohibiting these activities does more harm than help. Just as it was during the alcohol prohibition violence run rampage in these industries. Just in the past few years in Mexico and the U.S. Border there have been thousands of people die in these battles. We''ve been fighting this war on drugs for so many years and what has it accomplished other than people dying, drugs going further underground, and large amount of tax payer money going toward fighting a loosing battle, like alcohol, i feel no individual or government will ever be able to gain control and/or stop this suggestion/agreement would be like alot of others, LEGALIZE THESE INDUSTRIES. There was no violence before or after alcohol prohibition, and I believe as many do, that there would be no or much less violence if these industries were legal. Look at Vegas for Example, I don''t hear in the news of thousands dying there each year
Posted by: humanfly1 3/24/09 at 3:28PM
12 Hours of Sebring Starts Today
Race starts in 20 minutes .. . . . there is a calm before the race begins.
Posted by: Frogman 3/21/09 at 9:42AM
Automaker Bailouts
I would like to know what you think about the continued bailouts the government is issuing to keep the Automakers, and Auto part makers a float. Is throwing money at them the right answer? What happens in a few months when Automobiles still aren''t selling, do we continue to throw tax payer money, I don''t think this is the best solution, obviously, there are management issues within these corporations that need to be addressed first, before bailout is given.
Posted by: humanfly1 3/19/09 at 12:44PM
Integrity, honesty, and ethics.
What has happened to integrity, honesty and ethics. Seems every day in the news media there is a story of yet another major scam. Enron to Aig. It nevers seems to end. I firmly believe that 80 of the people are very honest, it is the other 20 that is trying to steal it all. Local Polictics is loaded with cases. Gas stealing with little of no oversight by the person in charge. Police charged with wrongdoing. Geez, I could write a book. Homeland security suffers with bad policemen or security officers. They should lose the right to ever be in that position again. The same with bad Politicians.
Posted by: indyeagle101 3/17/09 at 9:20PM
AIG Bonuses, what''s your Opinion?
Should the government withdraw the 170 Billion dollars in tax payers money, due to AIG giving bonuses to their top execs, ranging up to 165 million dollars. I personally think the American Government should not step in and bail out a financial Institution that is squandering that amount of money away on bonuses, when the company is begging for money. What do you think?
Posted by: humanfly 3/17/09 at 3:26PM
Universal Health Care Rocks!!!
Why are so many people against universal health care. With the cost of health care these days, this would help eliminate alot of peoples financial difficulties, and i have been informed by many, of the benefits of this type of program. And from what I understand about it myself there is no better way to go than a social health care program. I would like to hear your opinions on the idea of a universal health care program. Why should America do this or why should we not do this?
Posted by: humanfly1 3/16/09 at 4:09PM
Who''s ready for the Races?
Well it''s race week in Sebring. If you are going to the races please reply with what you do at the races. Does anyone watch the race or just party? What is you favorite class the P1, P2, GT1 or GT2? For all those who are going I will see you there!
Posted by: SpeedRacer 3/16/09 at 11:37AM
Heartland finances
Is the current financial situation affecting our churches? I wonder if they''ve experienced either a decrease or increase in tithing? Has it affected staffing? Are they helping more of those in need?
Posted by: pigeon 3/13/09 at 6:06PM
Traffic on 27
What''s the deal with traffic lately? It seems there is more and more every day.
Posted by: ralph 3/12/09 at 11:34AM
Who watches the Watchmen? I did on Friday. Very entertaining. Although, do take into account that this is an R rated movie. Please do not take anyone under the age of 18. This movie lets you see the underlying issues the characters have. It makes you wonder what you would do in certain situations. Two thumbs up!
Posted by: ralph 3/12/09 at 11:33AM
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